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In the distant past the planet began a transformation melting it into a gaseous form. During this period of time many strange changes began within the ecosystems of the oceans. Your journey begins as a small arthropod struggling for survival deep within the dangerous regions of the tropics.


X - Jump

Z - Shoot bubbles (you must find an upgrade first)

Arrow keys to move and climb


* The screen can be manually dragged to any size

* Music cuts out if you click off screen

~ Demo Version 0.5 UPDATE~

* No progress on the main game for now

* Adjusted the timing on the last volcano

* Nautilus boss is still very random but the wave projectiles can now only stun you

* Added a hard mode that can be accessed after getting to the end of the demo

* Extras hidden within the game including a very large test stage to explore, seen in the gif below

~ Things that should be added by the next update~

**A persistent sound glitch I thought I fixed seems to still happen occasionally. If it happens a sound will loop, everything lags to a halt, and you'll have to close and reopen the program to keep playing. I'll look into this asap!**

* Added checkpoints or a save system

* More of the main game


Seas Demo v0.5.zip 9 MB
Seas Demo v0.0.rar 6 MB


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I tried your demo but right at the start, second screen, I can't get up to that ledge. Am I doing something wrong? Edit: I just realised I can walk up walls...

I love the unusual style of this game!

Also, just a suggestion: If you compress the file with the normal .zip format people will be able to install the game with the itch.io desktop app.
Thank you.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Oh and thanks for telling me about the app thing, I'll re upload it in a .zip when I get a chance.